• Traffic noise control

    Column:Industrial noise control Time:2018-11-19

    Noise problem:

    The noise sources of urban rail transit can be divided into wheel and rail noise, vehicle non-dynamic noise, traction power system noise, overhead rail noise, ground bearing noise of underground railway and crowd noise of passenger station. To solve the problem of urban rail transit noise is a comprehensive system engineering.

    The sound source equipment of metro ventilation and air conditioning system is mainly composed of tunnel feed/exhaust fan (TVF), exhaust heat fan (TEF), tunnel jet fan, return/exhaust fan, new fan, combined air conditioner, feed/exhaust fan, outdoor cooling tower, train noise, etc.

    Governance plan:

    The noise barrier is used to reduce the local environmental pollution of noise sensitive points.

    According to the frequency spectrum characteristics of the sound source, reasonable pipe muffler, metal enclosure muffler and structural muffler are arranged before and after the sound source. According to the installation environment of the cooling tower, different comprehensive treatment measures can be taken. Through reasonable means of noise control, the maximum noise reduction effect can be achieved at the lowest cost.