• State grid hunan power company

    Column:The engineering case Time:2018-11-19


    Project introduction: the 110kv shuangqing substation of state grid hunan shaoyang power supply company is located in shuangqing, shaoyang city, and there are sensitive points for residents around the station area. Substation noise consists of power transformer noise and high voltage shunt reactor noise. The noise generated during the operation of the substation exceeds the environmental protection requirements, so it is necessary to reduce the noise. For this project, our company has designed the following treatment scheme: replace the fan and add the muffler, and construct the detachable modular sound barrier. After the implementation of the project, the noise at the boundary of each station meets the 2 standards in gb12348-2008 of environmental noise emission standard at the boundary of industrial enterprises and factories. Namely, daytime ≤60dB(A) and night ≤50dB(A).

    Treatment measures: install a sound barrier around the periphery of the substation, the lower part of the sound barrier is reserved with a ventilation muffler, the sound barrier is made of perforated aluminum plate, centrifugal glass wool, hydrophobic fiberglass cloth, h-beam steel column, outer plate and other materials, the surface is treated with spray paint.

    Control effect: after setting the noise reduction measures, the factory boundary noise emission shall comply with the gb12348-2008 class ii area standard of industrial enterprise factory boundary environmental noise emission standard, namely ≤60dB (A) during the day and ≤50dB (A) at night.