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    Column:Waste gas treatment Time:2019-07-24


    Project overview

    This project is the boiler fly ash treatment project of xianglu petrochemical tenglong company. The unit 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# bottom ash groove discharge dust around the elegant, seriously affect the working environment of the plant. In order to improve the working environment, dust collection and treatment is needed.

    One cloth bag dust collector is installed on the second floor of each ash warehouse to handle the dust discharged from the dust. The original dust discharging system will send the dust airflow into the dust collector through the pipeline and blower, and another fan will be installed at the outlet of the dust collector to discharge the dust. The blower and blower of the dust remover will be connected with the dust discharging (dry/wet) pneumatic valve to start and delay to stop. Dust collector discharge pipe is connected to wet ash discharge port, and pneumatic lock valve is installed on the ash discharge pipe. When discharging wet ash, the valve is intermittently switched by time control to discharge collected dust. Dust shall be discharged to the standard after treatment.