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    Column:Waste gas treatment Time:2019-07-24


    Project introduction

    Shanghai geyue plastic products co., LTD., the injection workshop has 15 sets of injection molding machines, in the hot melt plastic produced some dust and chlorine, sulfur exhaust gas. Our company design a set of waste gas treatment program, fully standard emission.

    The inlet concentration of the organic waste gas is relatively low, the composition is relatively complex, the inlet concentration changes are relatively large, in a comprehensive consideration of the actual conditions, project investment, cost performance, emission concentration and other factors, the use of fixed bed activated carbon treatment process.

    WKFY fixed bed activated carbon adsorption tower is a cylindrical tank body, which is equipped with a layer of activated carbon adsorption layer. When working, the waste gas flows upward from the bottom of the tank. Under the guidance of the main wind, through the activated carbon sorption layer, the organic components in the waste gas are adsorbed and captured, and finally discharged to the standard.