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    Column:Waste gas treatment Time:2019-07-24


    Project introduction

    This project is an injection gas treatment project. When the injection molding machine is working, the injection gas is discharged, which pollutes the working environment and atmospheric environment. In order to improve the working environment and respond to the requirements of environmental protection, a set of injection gas treatment program was designed.

    After the injection gas is collected through the suction hood, it is sent to the activated carbon adsorbent through the exhaust pipe, and the harmful gas is removed by the adsorption of activated carbon. The standard gas is sent to the exhaust cylinder through the exhaust fan for high-altitude emission.

    As an adsorbent of activated carbon, its adsorption capacity is certain, when activated carbon adsorption saturated, can be through the adsorption equipment loading and unloading port to replace activated carbon. The saturated activated carbon is recycled for recycling.

    The treatment effect is stable, the process is simple, there is no secondary pollution, low operating cost, the treatment effect reaches the national standard.