• Taijia (bengbu) fiberglass co., LTD

    Column:Waste gas treatment Time:2019-07-24

    Project introduction: taijibengbu fiberglass co., ltd. is located in the industrial park of longzihu district, bengbu city. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by taibo group in bengbu with a total investment of 300 million us dollars. This project belongs to the high-tech industry. In the production process of the kiln furnace installed in the fiberglass workshop, a large amount of sulfur-containing exhaust gas is produced, which pollutes the environment and needs to be collected and treated. In this project, wens scrubber + swirl plate spray tower is selected.

    Wenshi scrubber belongs to wet precipitator. Wet type precipitator is also called washing type precipitator, is through the dust gas and liquid droplets or liquid film contact, impact and other effects, so that the dust particles separated from the flow of equipment. The wet dust collector can not only purify the solid particle pollutants in the exhaust gas, but also remove the gaseous pollutants (gas absorption), at the same time can also play the role of gas cooling, with less investment in equipment, simple structure, high purification efficiency.

    Swirl plate spray purification tower is a widely used and highly adaptable, especially suitable for water soluble high temperature dust gas exhaust purification and dust removal from the environmental protection equipment. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high dust removal efficiency and good desulfurization effect.

    The waste gas of this project will be discharged to the standard after the treatment of the waste gas with suansi scrubber + swirl plate spray tower.